2021 New Manna Camp Meeting

Leadership Session

“Leading as a Servant” Bro. Tim Fellure

“Laboring Fervently in Prayer” Bro. Tracy Killinger

“A Salvation That Everyone Is Talking About” Bro. Tim Fellure

“What Can You Trust God With?” Bro. Joel Logan

“The Journey Is Too Great For These” Bro. Eddie Wyatt

Ladies Session

“Joy For the Journey” Sis. Vickie Davis

“The Power of the Scriptures” Sis. Cara Gates

“When Bad Things Happen” Sis. Cara Gates

“Respecting Your Husbands” Sis. Teresa Gates

Other Sermons

“Never a Time God Is Not Faithful” Bro. Mark Stroud

“It Always Makes a Difference When Jesus Passes By” Bro. Mark Stroud

“The Lord Is My Shepherd” Bro. Kenny Baldwin

“Turn Aside And See Him” Bro. Kenny Baldwin

“The Only Hope For a Wretch” Bro. Tim Shirley