Larry and Tammy Allred​

Pastor Larry Allred is the founding pastor of North Merida Baptist Church in Merida, Mexico. He and his wife have served there for over twenty years. Find out more on his website here.

Jason and Ellen Thomas

Pastor Jason Thomas is the pastor of a church in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. Find out more on the Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples’ website here.

Dr. Eddie Wang

Dr. Eddie Wang is the director of Chinese for Christ International. Learn more about him and the organization under “Chinese for Christ International (CFCI)” on this page.

Christian Law Association

The Christian Law Association has been giving free legal assistance to churches and Christians since 1969. Learn more on their website here.

Christian Servicemen Center

The Christian Servicemen Center is a ministry of Northview Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, which was started by David Tremmel in 2013. Their goals are to reach the soldiers at Fort Bragg with the gospel and minister to them as they serve our country. Learn more here.

Pastor Derrick Morlan

Pastor Derrick Morlan is the pastor of Oxford Baptist Chapel in England. He is one of the missionaries with Central Missionary Clearinghouse. Learn more here.

Margaret Stringer

Margaret Stringer was a missionary to Paupa, Indonesia, for over forty years. She created a written form for the Citak’s unwritten language and translated the Bible into both Citak and Tamnim. When she left, a crowd of 1,500 people went to the airport to beg her not to leave. Now, she is retired and speaks at churches and other events. She is the author of many books, including From Cannibalism to Christianity: The Vakabuis Story and Jesus Led Me All the Way: 40 Years in the Jungles of Paupa, Indonesia.

Dave Whitmore

Dave Whitmore has been a missionary to Brazil since 2004. He is with Fundamental Baptist Missions. Find out more about him on their website here.

Mshama and Martha Kinyonga

Mshama and Martha Kinyonga have been serving in Tanzania since 2013. They are with Fundamental Baptist Missions. Find out more about them here.

Segundo Mejia, Jr.

Segundo Mejia, Jr. serves in Calvary Baptist Church, Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines. Learn more here.

Jason Russell

Jason Russell is a missionary to Papua New Guinea. Learn about him here.

Dr. Wayne Sehmish

Dr. Wayne Sehmish is a missionary to Thailand. Watch the below video and visit the Thailand Ministries website to learn more.

Bro. Dennis Thomas

Bro. Dennis Thomas and his wife Jolaine have been missionaries for over 40 years. Currently, they serve in Latin America. Learn more here.

Annabel De Vallejo Children’s Home

The Annabel de Vallejo Children’s Home provides a home for orphaned, abused, and abandoned children. The Murillos founded this ministry after a fatal accident left three dead and twelve injured. God put it on their hearts both to help those who have no one to help them and reach out to those bound in sin. Learn more here.

Macedonia Gospel Publications International

Macedonia Gospel Publications International makes tracks for churches and provides tracks to missionaries at no cost. Learn more here.

Pastor Wayne Randolph

Wayne Randolph is the pastor of New Manna Baptist Church in Covington, WA. He founded the church in 2016 after receiving the call to start a gospel preaching church in Washington. Learn more on their website here.

Pastor Manuel Gomez

Brother Manuel Gomez is a missionary to Michoacan, Mexico. When he visited Michoacan and saw the extreme poverty and that there was no one preaching the gospel there, the Lord put it on his heart to start a church. Now, through his ministry, he has started seven churches and a Bible institute.

The Holt Family

The Holts are missionaries to Chile. Through their ministry, Connect Chile, they have planted many churches and trained many pastors in their Bible college. Learn more on their website here.

The White Family

The Whites are missionaries to Latin America. Through their ministry, they have planted four churches and a Bible institute. Learn more on their website here.

The Brown Family

The Browns are missionaries to West Africa. They planted Victory Baptist Church of Zinguedesse. Learn more here.

The Lee Family

The Lees are missionaries to South Korea. Brother Young Ho Lee is the pastor of a church there. He is a missionary with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. Learn more here, or view this page to read his prayer letters.

Pastor Gordon Horton

Brother Gordon Horton is the pastor of Community Baptist Church of Durham in Hampton, Ontario, Canada. Learn more on the church’s site here, or on the Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples’ website here.

Pastor Raleigh Hill

Pastor Raleigh Hill is the pastor of Freedom Baptist Church in Spirit Lake, Idaho. Learn more on the church’s website here.

Victory Baptist Press

Victory Baptist Press began in 1984 and since then has sent out millions of Bibles and portions of scripture. Learn more on their website here.

Pastor Chris Rogers

Pastor Chris Rogers is the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more on their website here.